Thermal Mass


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Thermal Gasflow Meter

Fixed and portable consumption measurement in compressed air, nitrogen, natural gas, methane, helium, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, SF6; measuring laminar flow, burner supply air, leakage flows; monitoring safety-related installations, also in aeronautical applications. - for use in air, compressed air, nitrogen, natural gas, methane, deposit gas, argon, helium, propane, butane, CO2, SF6 - probe for pipeline installation from Di 25 mm, measuring tube from Di 8 mm - measurement of gas mass flow - standard flow velocity 0.08 m/s to 200 m/s, volume flow up to 0.04 m3/h - time constant of under 1 s - for applications in Ex areas - M-Bus, WLAN


Thermal Insertion Tube Flowsensor TA10

Thermal flow sensor in probe design with shaft diameter 10 mm and transducer U10b integrated in the connection housing. For applications in pipes with inside diameter from 25 mm. download pdf datasheet


Thermal Measuring Tube TADI

Thermal Measuring Tube TA Di - standard - with integrated transducer download pdf datasheet