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Gas Turbine Flow Meter TFIII

The SSEA TFIII Gas Turbine Flow Meter series is designed for clean gases with high pressure and flowrate - LPG, Natural Gas, Industrial Gases: Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen download pdf datasheet


Liquid Turbine Meter SSEA TFL III

The liquid turbine flow meter series is specially designed for usage in water, diesel, gasoline and other fluid measurement and control systems. They operate according to the turbine principle, i.e. the speed of an impeller turning in the fluid flow is measured and converted into pulse or 4-20mA signals download pdf datasheet


Vane Gasflow Meter

Measuring the flow rate and flow velocity in pipes and ducts, flow profiles, aerodynamic research, laminar flow, also at high gas temperatures, landfill gas, exhaust gas, flow rate and flow velocity in flowing waters. Based on a vane wheel rotating at a speed proportional to the flow velocity of the fluid - for application in air/gases and water/liquids - probe diameter from 15 mm, measuring tube from 9.7 mm - Combi probes for flow and temperature - working temperatures up to +550 ºC - corrosion resistant to aggressive gases - low pressure drop - ± directional sensing of flow - Profibus - for applications in Ex areas


Vane Wheel Gasflow Sensor ext. cable

Extendable vane wheel flow sensors,optional with ± directional sensing and integrated PT100 sensor and accessories for connection to a fixed or portable evaluation unit download pdf datasheet