Intra Automation


Illuminator Level Gauge

Illuminator Level Gauge Series ITA-*-IG used for observing the fluid level in a dim place or at night, ingression protection grade: IP66 Explosion proof: KOSHA I Exd II B + H2 T5 & CENELEC / EExd II B + H2 T4 download pdf datasheet


Integral Orifice Assembly Flow Sensor

The integral orifice assembly is a pipe segment for small flow measurement of liquids and gases. - small pipe diameters (bore) - high accuracy/precision - with differential pressure transmitter - easy installation / simple maintenance - various materials download pdf datasheet


ITA Combi Guided Wave Radar - Magn. Level Gauge

Intra-Automation combines the principle of conventional magnet flap indicator type ITA-BG4 with the guided wave radar level transmitter for redundant measurement. Guided Wave Radar (GWR): High frequency microwave pulses travel along a rope or bar. The pulses are reflected by the liquid level and are sent back to the transmitter. The transmitter calculates the level from the running time of the pulses Chamber size: DN100 / 4“ Magnetically Controlled Level Gauge: The mag. level gauge is placed within the DN100 chamber by means of a float guide tube, size Ø 52 mm. Advanced Technology: The ITA-BGS has an integrated float pipe Simple process connection Float protection by means of springs Redundant measurement Flange rating up to PN160 / 1500# depending on pressure and temperature Various materials possible download pdf datasheet


ITA Magnetic Level Indicator - Power Plant Technology

Liquid level indicators – Power plant technology - Series ITA-10/11/12/13 Applications in the chemical, industrial processes and offshore industry - sealed floats up to 320 bar (4641 psi) - Minimum operating density 0,42 kg/dm³ - Special materials for special conditions: Titanium, Hastelloy C4, Inconel 625, 1.4539 - pressure ranges: PN100, PN160, PN250, PN320 - DIN- or ANSI-connection flanges - Accessories: Drain- and vent-flanges, valves, reducers etc... download pdf datasheet


ITA Magnetic Level Indicator - Standard

ITA Magnetic Level Liquid level indicators for low and medium pressure Series ITA 3,6,7 ITA Magn. Level Gauges are used wherever fluid level has to be monitored, indicated, and controlled in a reliable way, especially with corrosive, toxic and inflammable fluids with a viscosity up to max. 5000 mPa s. The ITA level indicators offer a reliable, accident-free and maintenance-free usage, through a simple and break-resistant construction at a maximum process pressure of 320 bar and a temperature range from –50 through 400 °C for open and closed vessels. The fluid level is indicated directly with a separation of the measurement and indication area. The magnetic transfer of the fluid level from the tank to the indicator is continuous and vibration-resistant, even in the case of fast changing levels. download pdf datasheet


Itabar Pitot Tube Flotap Fluid&Gas Flow

The ITABAR flow sensor series is designed to measure the volumetric flow of liquids and gases. Installation & removal without process shut down. FTN series threaded version FTM series threaded version with guided rod spindles FTH series flanged version with guided rod spindles download pdf datasheet


Itabar Pitot Tube flue gas

The ITABAR flow sensor IBF 100 series with an end support standard and an optional air purge unit measures the volumetric flow of flue gases with a pipe diameter up to 12 m and a max. temperature of 1175°C. download pdf datasheet


Itabar Pitot Tube Fluid&Gas Flow

The ITABAR flow sensor series is designed to measure the volumetric flow of liquids and gases. They are available as threaded (IBR) or flanged (IBF) versions with a pipe size range from DN 25 to DN 2000 and a max temperature of up to 1175°C (flanged). The Flo-tap option allows installation and removal under pressure. nstallation & removal requires process shut down. IBR series with threaded process connections IBF series with flanged process connections IBF 100 series for flue gass applications with opt. air purge unit download pdf datasheet


Itabar Pitot Tube Steam Flow

The ITABAR Steam Sensors are designed to measure saturated and superheated steam in all areas of power generation and industrial and process technologies. Flowsensors for fixed installation: IBRF series with threaded connection IBFD series with flanged connection IBFD HT series with flanged connection for superheated steam IBFD HTG series with complete welded construction for superheated steam Flotap Sensors for installation under pressure: FTMD series with threaded connection FTHD series with flanged connection and guided rod spindle download pdf datasheet


Maglink Tank Measurement

Maglink Liquid Level Measurement System for Tanks The „MAGLINK“ liquid level measurement system is designed for use with pressurized tanks or those open to the atmosphere, particularly in the chemical industry, where especially difficult operating conditions could prevail in regard to corrosion, temperature and pressure. All parts which are in contact with the medium being measured are made of rust- and acid-resistant steel or special materials, which allows these devices to be used in various industries like the chemical, foods, petroleum processing and marine industries to include acids, liquefied petroleum gas, etc. The magnetic link between the fl oat and the interior magnet is so stable that even rapid changes of the fluid level do not influence the accuracy of the level measurement. download pdf datasheet


Reflex Level Gauge

Reflex Level Gauge Series ITA-*-RG used for observing the level of various liquids by using the reflection of light. for high pressure & high temperature not for steam measurements download pdf datasheet


Transparent Level Gauge

Transparent Level Gauge Series ITA-*-TG used for observing the fluid level for high pressure & high temperature applicable for steam measurements download pdf datasheet


Tubular Level Gauge

Tubular Level Gauge Series ITA-*-GG used for observing the fluid level at low temperature & low pressure download pdf datasheet