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Schmierer SEA guided wave Radar Level Transmitter, continuous level measurement, TDR

Guided Wave Radar Transmitter

The Guided Wave GS Radar level transmitter is available as Rod 304 or Teflon , Guided Wave tube, Coaxial tube, Single or Double cable (304 or Teflon)


ITA Combi Guided Wave Radar - Magn. Level Gauge

Intra-Automation combines the principle of conventional magnet flap indicator type ITA-BG4 with the guided wave radar level transmitter for redundant measurement. Guided Wave Radar (GWR): High frequency microwave pulses travel along a rope or bar. The pulses are reflected by the liquid level and are sent back to the transmitter. The transmitter calculates the level from the running time of the pulses Chamber size: DN100 / 4“ Magnetically Controlled Level Gauge: The mag. level gauge is placed within the DN100 chamber by means of a float guide tube, size Ø 52 mm. Advanced Technology: The ITA-BGS has an integrated float pipe Simple process connection Float protection by means of springs Redundant measurement Flange rating up to PN160 / 1500# depending on pressure and temperature Various materials possible download pdf datasheet


Non Contact Radar Transmitter

The ELT Radar Level Meters of Ensim Sensors 26 GHz series are excellent devices for non contact level measurement. The microwave impulses, emitted by the radar's antenna, travel at speed of light and a part of their energy, reflected by the surface of the medium to be measured, is received by the same antenna. The period of time (flying time) between the emission and the arrival of the impulses, is proportional to the existing distance between the antenna and the surface of the medium to be measured. download pdf datasheet

Schmierer SEA Non-contact Radar Level Transmitter, continuous level measurement

Non Contact Radar Transmitter

The non Contact Radar is suitable for external measurement of containers, storage tanks and storage materials with various process conditions, which are not affected by the physical properties of the measured medium. The two-wire system is suitable for explosion-proof applications. The maximum measuring distance is 70m for non-contact and continuous connected pluse object level meters.