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wireless LIM TR401RE410

transmitter and wireless set LIM-TR401 and LIM-RE410

The Transmitter LIM -TR401 and wireless set LIM -RE410 allows for wireless temperature measurement at a distance around 3.5 km. The transmitter has the shape of a standard head mounted transmitter, so it can be installed into a standard connection head, usually type DANAW. It works with most standard thermocouples and resistance sensors. The wireless set LIM -RE410 is equipped with a 4÷20mA analog output and digital MODBUS RTU, it can work with sixteen transmitters. download pdf datasheet

wireless airgatemodbus

Wireless transmission RS485 AirGate-Modbus

AirGate-Modbus is a wireless multifunctional gateway that allows the transparent and easy insertion of wireless branches into existing wired RS485 networks. The AirGate-Modbus has four operation modes, Modbus Master, multiplexer, USB RS485 converter and simple wireless RS485 extension. A proprietary protocol based on IEEE 802.15.4 facilitates operation in star mode, allowing the connection of several wireless segments to an existing Modbus RS-485 network. download pdf datasheet