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Mueller Industrie Elektronik ME Series Dynamic Flap flow sensor for liquids

Dynamic Flap flow sensor w display - liquids

ME Series Dynamic Flap flow sensor with display for liquids

Kirchner & Tochter Flap Flowmeter KFS spring loaded measurement monitoring flow

Flap Flowmeter KFS spring loaded

The KFS spring loaded measuring device operates largely independent of viscosity and is suitable for indicating the flow rate of water, acids, alkaline solutions and gases. Every device is calibrated to customer requirement and fitted with a product-specific scale. The 50 mm thick ring features a half-round plate that is fastened to a rotating spring-loaded spindle. The angle between flap and ring changes according to the rate of flow, and a breakaway-proof magnetic coupling transfers the movement to an external pointer. download pdf datasheet

Kirchner & Tochter Flap Flow Meter KLA Flapper type

Flap Flowmeter KLA

The KLA Flowmeter uses a flap which is deflected by the flow of the medium. The deflection angle is a direct indication of the flow through the pipe. The flap is gravity-loaded, thus the device can be used for the flow directions left to right, right to left and bottom to top. In the variant KLA-GS the medium be measured is directly visible through a glass in the flow indication unit. download pdf datasheet