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Oval Wheel Meter Flowal Plus

Versatile flowmeter for measuring the volume of liquids in mechanical engineering, factory automation and process instrumentation, such as suited for industrial fluids, chemical fluids, mineral oils and fuels. The modular design combines reliable mechanical sensors with modern electronics. The plastic version is suitable for measuring the volume of corrosive liquids, acids, alkalis, solvents, dyes… download pdf datasheet


Oval Wheel Meter OAP

Oval Wheel Meters Type OaP are used for measuring liquid raw, intermediate and finished products such as liquefied gases, gasolines, heating oils, lubricating oils, transmission oils, solvents, bitumen, alkaline solutions, acids and other chemical liquids: double case - high accuracy - custody transfer - SIL2 approval download pdf datasheet


Oval Wheel Meter OD

The focus is on the measurement of non-conductive liquids. This meter is designed for the measurement of e.g. oil or demineralized water. Due to the measuring principle, an inlet or outlet section is not required. download pdf datasheet


Oval Wheel Meter OI

Oval wheel meters type OI are used for the measurement of liquid products such as liquefied gases, acids, alkaline solutions, fats, alcohols, solvents, dispersions, polymers, poly-condensates, paints, colors and adhesives, 0.2 -1,200 l/min, accuracy up to ±0,1% download pdf datasheet OI Flowmeter download pdf datasheet Counter


Oval Wheel Meter OP

Oval wheel meters type OP are used for measuring mid to high viscosity liquids such as gasolines, heating oils, lubricating oils, diesel oil, bio ethanol and some chemical liquids. download pdf datasheet