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Vortex Flow Meter VFIII

The SSEA VF3 Vortex Flowmeter measures the volumetric flow of fluids (liquids, air, gas and steam) in closed pipes. download pdf datasheet


Vortex Gasflow Meter

Flow rate and flow velocity measurement in wet and/or particulate-laden gases, biogas or exhaust gas, also according to Clean Air Guidelines, (TA Luft). Flow rate measurement of sludge aeration air, sewage gas, landfill gas, water vapour and engine intake air on test stations, superheated steam. Flow velocity in climatic wind tunnels, diluted car exhaust gas, traffic tunnels and in nuclear reactor technology. - for application in condensate and particle laden aggressive gases - probe for pipeline installation from Di 80 mm, measuring tube from Di 25 mm - Combi probes for flow and temperature - sensor with no moving parts - German TA Luft 13&17, SIL, Ex Certificates - time constant 65 ms - low pressure drop download pdf datasheet


Vortex Gasflow Meter VA40 ZG10 corrosive/caustic

Vortex Probe VA40 ... ZG10 - compact unit, for corrosive and caustic gases, variable insertion depth download pdf datasheet


Vortex Gasflow Meter VA40 ZG2 cable

Vortex probe VA40 with sensor head diagonal dimension 40 mm and connection cable. download pdf datasheet


Vortex Gasflow Meter VA40 ZG4 high temp

Vortex Probes VA40 ... ZG4 - variable insertion depth, various sensor materials, working temperature range up to +240 °C download pdf datasheet


Vortex Gasflow Meter VA40 ZG7 standard insertion

Vortex probe VA40 with sensor head diagonal dimension 40 mm with variable insertion depth and transducer UVA integrated in the connection housing. download pdf datasheet


Vortex Gasflow Meter VA40 ZG8 EXD

Vortex probe VA40 with sensor head diagonal dimension 40 mm, variable insertion length and integrated transducer UVA in Ex-d explosion proof housing. download pdf datasheet